Need a new stencil guy

Travis Fry

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I need some new stencils for my maker's mark. For reasons I won't go into my former guy, the much beloved Ernie, is no longer a satisfactory option. Does anyone have a place/person/company that makes good stencils?

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HHH Knives

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Try these guys. I used them once for stencils and have picked up other stuff from them. fast quality stuff! The ones I tried are the long life stencils Worked pretty good. There not as thick as Ernie's but did very well for me.

They also offer some electrolytes and cleaners at a very reasonable price. and the stuff works GREAT! at least it has for me.



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I'd suggest you try IMG-Electromark. I believe Boss uses them to make the stencils he has for sale at USAKM. I have some of these to mark the steel type on my knives. I use Ernies for my makers mark. The IMG ones are thicker than Ernies and work better for me. I always get a nice clean, crisp mark with Boss's stencils while Ernies is hit or miss. Not completely happy with them. In all honestly, it could be that my makers mark is too small, but then again, all the IMG ones come out crisp every time.


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TUS is the place.

I was unsatisfied with Electro Chem, who was local to me, when I discovered TUS.

They are GREAT.

Ask for Jan (yawn) and request the gold stencils.
Use their Electrolyte too.


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I have used IMG since I got my mark and have had nothing but a positive experience.

Travis Fry

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I talked to the lady at IMG for a while, and was impressed by her knowledge of graphic design. My wife does graphic design for her job, so competence in that arena is very important to me/her. Couple that with the fact that BossDog uses them for their etchant and stencils, and I'm sold.

FWIW, their prices are less than you might expect.

Robert Dark

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Plus one for IMG. Been using them for years (unless I need a "One-of-a-kind", as in a customer's son's name and date).

I have used their #94 electrolyte since day one and have never had any problems.

Good people, Good products, Good service............


Jim Levite

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I too use Tustech with incredible results. Talk with Jan Daermann and he will provide you with great service and a great .