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What happens to the remainder of the Farrier's rasp...

An old broken Nicholson file and coyote leg bone.


Haven't got to the sheaths yet... The chopper/ 'hawks were posted in the Tomahawk/ Axe forum...

Thanks for looking!

kevin - the professor

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good work! There is often some negative commentary on knives made from old files. I personally love that steel (at least, 90% of the steel from old files, or worn out new files if they are Simmonds of Nicholsons). I originally thought that converting files into knives was not very common, historically. However, in Person's American Knives: The First History and Collector's Guide, he points out a significant number of knives made from worn out files. So, it was done a great deal in the US between the 1700's and 1970's or so. It is only in this era of cheap mail-order steel bar stock that we don't see as many files used.

anyway, just my own take on things. I like recycling, and I use and wear out a lot of files because I file heat treated sword blades with them. So, I make my shop tools from old files, and I also make a couple of knives from old files each year.

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Thanks Kevin! As a "Reformed" Farrier (Can't wrestle those nags with a bad back) I have a bunch of old Farriers rasps laying around, that have been used to various degrees. Use them for hot work until they're seriously dull and then make something out of them.

Grandpa Don

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I just love anything Bone antler and file.
Just wondering what the copper on top was for would have liked to see a shot of that

Great work

Grandpa Don