nail nicks with a fly cutter


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I am thinking about changing the method I have been using for making nail nicks. The most professional ones that I see are made with a fly cutter. I have a small milling machine from Harbor freight but I do not know anything about fly cutters or how to use them to cut the nail nicks. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Ernie Swanson

I know some people set the blade up in the mill in a vertical position (as you would be cutting the table) and turn the mill by hand using a flycutter.

rick c

I have seen the nicks made with a drill press using a stone chucked and blade in a drill press vise.The stone is shaped with a angle and you hand feed the blade into the stone.It can be done with out a mill.
Good luck Rick


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I appreciate the info. Can anyone tell me which fly cutters to use and where on the web to get them.
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I just bought whatever was cheapest on ebay. I had to grind the cutter bit to shape anyway.


Johnny Roberts

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I cut mine with a 60 degree 1 3/8 Dovetail cutter but I like the way the fly cutter looks as well.

Lots of ways to skin this cat. I know some that grind with a stone after heat treating. I set up my swedges and nicks before HT. Couple of pics of my folders at the link below if you want to see what the dovetail looks like.


Bruce Bump

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I had trouble with the fly cutter method with the tool chipping and and chattering so went to the stone method. I like the stone method best and do the nick after heat treating and regrinding is finished. It does build heat so go slow and touch up the stone with a diamond on the last few minutes for a nice finish. I use the surface grinder but the mill would do the same thing fine, maybe easier to see where the nick is placed too. I had to buy a 6" stone and grind it down to about a 5" and establish about a 60 degree knife edge on it. Be sure to get a very coarse one to avoid heat.