my teachers new knife

Discussion in 'Ladydogs' started by darci, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. darci

    darci Guest

    ok girls I have hardened the knife i'm giving my teacher ,and seen the pattern for the first time and WOW ITS !!!!! I DON'T KNOW WOW. today when i get home from two softball games and basketball practice ,Iam going to put the handle on ,then more pic's.I'll be giving this to her next week .
    Darci "Ironarmknives"

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  2. jjs

    jjs Guest

    Snazzy :D
    Whats ya gonna put on for scales ?
  3. darci

    darci Guest

    box elder, today when i get home, stay tuned by tonight they'll be on.
  4. Wolfe

    Wolfe Well-Known Member

    Great first blade Darci. I think I need to go back to school. Knifemaking school that is.:D
  5. ironarmknives

    ironarmknives Bladesmith & Forum Owner/Moderator

    Hi Ladys this is Darci's dad she ask me to post theses pic's of here glueing her teachers handles on .so here they are .I said you want me to go on the Ladydogs site and do this . She said "quote -only if you ask first and i tell you you can and dont say anything dumb " :eek:2thumbs


  6. Miss_Lora

    Miss_Lora Well-Known Member

    You did fine for a guy, Clint! Those are great pics and we are all enjoying watching her progress on 'my teacher's new knife'

    Her teacher must be a lot cooler than most! : )

    I have had many fine teachers in my life, formal teachers and informal teachers. The old saying, 'those that can't, teach'....well, that just hasn't been my experience. My oldest God-daughter is a teacher. I am a teacher of sorts-- I train employees of the university how to use their computers and software.

    I love to learn and love to teach!

    Darci has inspired me to try again with Mr. Eddie-- maybe I can make a knife, too!
  7. darci

    darci Guest

    OK I"M done with this one ,this is for my teacher. The handle is box elder,and ok it doesn't look old, by the name i thought it would look old but I like it Hope you do to. The wood came from a friend of my Pops, Larry.

  8. Jeff Pearce

    Jeff Pearce KNIFE MAKER

    The knife turned out beautiful....the handle looks great...Way to go !!!yea!
  9. Wolfe

    Wolfe Well-Known Member

    Sweet. That Box Elder is great looking and looks like a very comfortable design. Nice work.
  10. paladin5811

    paladin5811 Big Dog...

    WOW darci, not only should yur skool teacher be happy but yur pops should be really proud of his babygirl. 2thumbs
  11. mack1

    mack1 Howlin' Wolf

    Well done, darci!2thumbs

    Your Teacher should be very happy, but ...

    Pops had better watch out!:D
  12. JAWilliams


    Darci you got game.
  13. darci

    darci Guest

    My teacher loves her new knife ,she said she has a spot in her bag to hide it ,so no other teachers will cry when they see it ,that is cry KNIFE AND START RUNNING "LOL" ,she said it will go every where with her .
  14. Jeff Pearce

    Jeff Pearce KNIFE MAKER

    That is very cool..
  15. TKC

    TKC Guest

    I am sure that your teacher is gonna LOVE that knife.
  16. knifmkrgf

    knifmkrgf Member

    What a lucky teacher! Great job.

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