My Second Knife and Sheath...looking for critique


Hi All

I know some of you belonging to a couple of other sites will have seen this knife. I am posting here and asking for critique to improve as much as I can from knife to knife...gimme the bad and the good. I appreciate all input.

3/16" 1084

8 1/2" Overall

3 3/4" Blade

Tigerwood Scales, red spacers, 1/8" Brass pins

Thanks for the feedback,







Frank Hunter

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Oh man, that's a good looking knife. I'm a fan of wider blades with a drop point and that fits great. Tight construction and a well done sheath. Can't find a lot to critique with it.


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2nd Knife ?? Wow ! I cant wait to see your later ones .. Really nice job . I wish I was at that level when I was starting .. Good Job !!!!


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That is an awesome second knife. If I had to pick one thing I didn't like it would be offset pins. To me they don't do the knife justice. You did a really nice job fitting them and avoiding halos. But if you want to do off set pins just make sure they are symetrical across the handle.


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Appealing Design, good proportions handle to blade, nice choice of material and well executed. Then fitted with a nice sheath. Very nice work, carry on.

The only slight thing since you are asking, is, like pointed out above, the pins. The staggered pins actually was a good choice IMO, but the spacing has to be right. When It comes to pins, I find that measuring pin placement is a good way for pins to look off. lol I find that placing them where they look right is the best method for me. The natural Curves of a handle can give incorrect perception of pin placement. Some times they look right but won't measure right and sometimes they measure just right but your eye keeps telling you they are off.

But over all if you have to nit pick to find anything wrong with a second knife, you are doing good work.

Shawn Hatcher

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I'm afraid I don't have anything bad to tell you. Knife/sheath look good! And if that's only your second . . . I suspect great things are to come. :)