My First Shop


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Well, I just got off the phone with a guy who owns a storage facility around the corner from my apartment here in Ms. If all goes well, I'll have the beginnings of my very first shop in a few minutes. I'm extremely excited!!! Wish me luck!

Denny Eller

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Murph, I wish you all the luck in the world on getting a shop. I know the Army keeps you busy but a shop would be great for you.


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Well, it's official. I have my very first shop to work in as soon as it gets cleared out. The gentleman told me he would have the few things cleared out sometime tomorrow and call me with the gate code to the facility.

I think I got a pretty good deal. 10' x 20' shop with electricity for $70 per month. I'll stop by the hardware store tomorrow and pick up some needed supplies and talk to a buddy who is a hobbyist cabinet maker about helping me make a new work bench. Of course, I could always call Jerry and ask him to help me ;) .

Josh Dabney

Congrats Murph !
What a great milestone to overcome.

When your done with the bench... Make 2 more while your at it LOL. They'll get filled up rather quickly.



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I may actually be able to get something accomplished once I get this set up. I had a short day today and would really like to have worked on some grinding. As luck would have it, the weather was extremely overcast and drizzling.

With my new training cycle starting up in another week, I know there is no way I will be able to get anything accomplished on the back deck. So, I decided to make some calls and got extremely lucky with my first call. As luck would have it, the guy that owns the storage facility down the road (less than 100 meters from my apartment) was extremely receptive to my request and gave me a great deal as well. Now I'll have the chance to not only work during inclement weather, but also at night or early morning. I just have to get everything set up.

I forgot to mention that the guy who owns the storage facility also owns an antique store nearby and has told me he has several anvils at his shop. I'm going to try to get over there and check them out this week.


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Now Murphy. You of course realize that any worthwhile anvil is at least worthy of a trip to New Jersey. So if you should happen to come across a few beauties and the price is right you let me know.........(Barter is acceptable. :rolleyes: )
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Well, Aldo, I need to get educated on anvils in order to make an informed decision. He did tell me that one of the anvils is an "Arm and Hammer". What can you tell me about them? Anyone? Anyone?

Jerry Bond

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Murph, as far as I know, the a&h anvils, when you get them hot the bigger they get.

Glad for ya, buddy. As you can see, I'm sort of outdoorsey. But in the winter, sure would be nice to be enclosed,
Let me know about those anvils, IF you leave any.

Oh, If you need any help, hollow at me.

Bruce Bump

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Thats great news Murph. Its going to be nice to have a place to work on knives and hang out too. Lets have a look when you get it rolling.

Bill Coye

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We need a live video feed from the Murph Shop Cam so we can see you jump up and down, get red-faced and throw stuff in the yard like we do.


Congratulations Murph - that's great news!


Frank Niro

Boy, I'm sure you will be looking at a lot of fun getting set up and going ahead with the knives !!!!!! Great stuff !!! Frank


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Well, I finally got off of my butt and started moving things over to the shop today. As soon as I can get a buddy to help me (one of my MSGs is a master carpenter), I'm going to get some work benches built. Until then, all I have is my roll away toold chest that my grinder is currently sitting on. I'll need to get the benches built pretty soon, I need to give my vise and some other tools a new home.

Here is a pic of what it looks like so far.



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Looks good, but one suggestion. If you move your grinder closer to the belts it will save walking time.:D Just kidding.


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Those were just pre-established hanging points. I bought a couple sets of lights tonight and plan to get them hung tomorrow. I need to get a system set up for my belts and get another ammo crate for handle material. I think I will leave the handle material at the apartment though so that it is in a more controlled environment.