my first neo-tribal

hey guys, i've lurked on this particular forum for a while and have always been so impressed by the work done it inspired me to try my own.

14'' OAL
8.5'' blade
whitetail antler handle with jute wrapping at the top and some braided leather for a lanyard
Blade is from a Depression era crosscut saw my grandfather used to make a living in the Ozarks

thanks for looking! bbq knife.jpg
Thanks guys! The antler was from one my father in law took, it does fit the hand great and has a little curve that works great for a leftie (which I am) wish I could say I planned it that way but it was a happy accident


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Dustin, That looks really good:35:

I bet that would work over a slab of meat in a hurry.

Hey I know where there are around 30+ white tail leg bones if you want to make say a pairing knife to go with it:3: