My first Damascus blade

Discussion in 'Custom Knife Forum' started by jkf96a, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. jkf96a

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    Over the years I've used other folks' Damascus steel quite a few times. This blade is the first one from my own Damascus. This is 21 layers of Aldo's original 1084 and some 15n20. The guard is wrought iron wagon rim that belonged to my great great grandfather, George Kromer. The handle is curly maple. Overall length is around 12 inches. It was built with a threaded rod through the handle, fastened with a corby head that was then covered with a Texas mosaic pin. I'll have it on my table for the Silver Spur show in Abilene Feb 24/25. Although this is a regular "gun show", we've worked with Kim the promoter and will have around 10 knifemakers from the Texas Knifemakers' Guild there, as well as Terry Dunn with three tables of stabilized wood handle material of the highest grade. We'll also have educational seminars at 1:00 both days.


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  2. Self Made Knives

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    Nice Jason. Are you going to sell this one or just have it there for a show and tell? I would think you would want to keep this one, kind of a milestone knife.
  3. jkf96a

    jkf96a Well-Known Member

    Milestones don't pay the bills ;) I just finished 6 months of making two house payments, and I've got four kids. I like making stuff more than I like collecting stuff, anyhow.
  4. opaul

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    That is a beautiful blade and stunning craftsmanship.
  5. LobosStyle Blades

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    Great looking blade overall. I have to agree with Anthony that this is something I'd want to keep as a family heirloom because of what is put into it and it being a milestone blade. In any case, I'm sure you'll get a great price for it at the show. It's beautiful.

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