My first chisel grind blade carving

Rick Haney Design

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I wanted to share a blade carving in progress.:DI'm working on a Renegade folder for a good friend & customer,This is my first attempt to do a chisel grind carving(right handed).The steel is CPM S-30V,As You can see I glue my CAD drawing directly to the blade to use as a guide to cut my bevels in.There was alot of material to carve away,I have the rough carving done.

Now the real fun begins!Sanding the roughness of the bevel so I can hand sand to finish,I have to get the blade pretty well done before I send it to HT.
I apologize for the crappy pics.:eek:



Great work please keep WIP
Rick what is the thickness of the blade and how much material you need to remove?


:eek: I wanted S7!!!
Rick... This is great!! Thanks. I'll keep watching the progress... of a Master Sculptor. cool 1

Rick Haney Design

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Jim,I use a Foredom flexshaft w/ 1/2" cross cut carbide cylinder bur to rough carve,Then I use 1/2" expanded drum w/ 100 grit bands.Then hand sand with cut up Cubitron 60 grit belts,Shop roll of 180.240.Lots of hand work.:D

Vico,I started with .170 thick stock,Being a chisel grind all the material comes off just one side + the depth of the bevel step.

Rolf,No S-7!You get S-30V!You would hate get your folder rusty!:mad::D

Chris Martin

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Now that is turning out great, Rick. I like your method as well.

Wicked looking blade design, looks like a dragon of sorts2thumbs