Mosaic Damscus billets for Sale

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    Just updated my website with a new page..... I now will be offering Mosaic Damascus Billets for sale!

    My intent is not to compete with other damascus makers, but rather to offer higher end mosaic patterns that are not readily available elsewhere. Most will be one of a kinds. I will not be taking orders for specific patterns, but if you need specific sizes, feel free to let me know and I will try to meet those sizes when creating more billets.

    There is a link on my home page:


    You can go directly to the Mosaic Billets webpage here:

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  2. Self Made Knives

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    Well are you or aren't you?:biggrin:
  3. EdCaffreyMS

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    oopppps! edited to correct!
  4. cdent

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    Good stuff Ed!

    Take care, Craig
  5. Rick Otts

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    You make some great looking knifes Ed.

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