More health stuff.....need some prayers!!


"The Montana Bladesmith"
Just asking for some prayers! I've been holding off letting this be known, but tomorrow (23 March) I go in for a heart cath. Right around Christmas, my BP started spiking up, so I got referred to a Cardiologist..... did a bunch of tests, and afterward, the Doctor said they saw things on the stress test and echocardiogram that dictates doing a heart cath. When I asked exactly what they saw, he said he wasn't totally sure about any blockages, but after exercise, the upper right chamber of my heat was "enlarged" more so than it should be. He told me that 1 of 3 things could happen with the heart cath....
1. Everything is OK, and I go home
2. He finds something that needs a stint or a "balloon", he does it, and I stay in the hospital overnight.
3. He finds something the is beyond his scope....and I get referred to a thoracic (heart) surgeon

Don't want nothing to do with #3! Not overly thrilled about #2, but praying for #1! Please do the same for me!