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We are a No Drama, G rated Knife Forum.
We aren't an advocate forum for anything other than knives.
We aren't going to do "hard hitting reviews", we aren't going to "out" some one, we aren't about that. We are just determined to be friendly, respectful folks. If some one can't act that way or they are not taking care of business properly and people are out money, they won't be welcome here.

We aren't going to add a forum where every one agrees to be "all grown up" and can say anything they want.

We have kids that visit this forum occasionally and I am reminded of that often.

If posts get put up that are going to stir up bad feelings, they are going to be moderated. If a joke is borderline, it's going to disappear. If language gets rough, your post is going to get edited or removed.

This kind of moderation doesn't diminish KnifeDogs. It makes us stronger and true to what we declared ourselves to be from the very beginning.

If you have a post that gets trimmed or moderated a bit we hope you understand.

Keep in mind moderators are unpaid volunteers.

Wayne Coe

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That is what I thought the rules were all along.
I haven't seen anything that I thought was out of line for a G rated forum,,,well,,, once maybe.
We may all agree with this set of rules, but it doesn't hurt to refresh it once in a while. BTW, I think that if a post is moderated, or edited, the person should receive a personal e-mail from the moderator stating what action was taken and why. He should be able to take the warning knowing that it was given for the best interest of all.


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Its nice to belong to a forum and not have the moderators be the most obnoxious, abrasive, and egotistical members there. It builds so much more respect among the members towards each other.

Thanks for your efforts.

Three Sisters Forge

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One of the reasons I follow and post here is that it is very positive and the focus is one of information sharing. There are so many areas to express political views, etc.

"Mutual Welfare and Benefit"
Jigaro Kano, 1889

Bill Coye

Knife Maker
I send potential customers here to Knife Dogs without any fear of language, written content, negative attitudes or nude photographic images. As stated earlier, you can find all of that just about anywhere you look on the interenet. This place has a completely different feel about it as I'm sure all of you have noticed.

The ad that ran in Knives Illustrated reads "G Rated" (that means someone had to pay for ad space) and we intend to keep it that way.


Rudy Joly

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Well put by you all (moderators).
Arguments on the web are pointless. If I need to beat my point into someone's head it will be in person. All the other BS has no draw either. This and Don Fog's site are the only two that seem to promote being the best you can be.


Mark Behnke

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Well put by you all (moderators).
Arguments on the web are pointless. If I need to beat my point into someone's head it will be in person. All the other BS has no draw either. This and Don Fog's site are the only two that seem to promote being the best you can be.

The I Forge Iron forum is a great example of a "G" rated forum and site.
Check it out you'll like it.

Denny Eller

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My $.02 worth: I feel like Tracy runs this forum like he runs his business - honestly and fairly. I think the moderators have done a super job while doing their job. There has, to my knowledge, never been a tango slip through the wire that the mods didn't nail on the spot. G-Rated? It seems to me that this whole country was a better place when it was G-Rated. It's hard to find a place with an atmosphere like this one and it's one I head to every day. Many thanks to Boss Dog, the mods and the members of this forum for making it what it has become. Merry Christmas to one and all.

LR Adkins

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I want to thank Tracy and all the moderators for making this forum a comfortable place to come to for entertainment and valuable information for the knife community. I visit here almost everyday and think it is the best forum on the web. Please keep it clean. Wishing everyone here a Merry Christmas ans a great New Year.


Jeff Pearce

I have a three year old grandduaghter that likes to sit on my lap and help me work on knife dogs. She likes to look at all the knives .I like being able to open a post and not having to worry about her seeing some thing that she shouldn't .there are not very many places like this anymore. that is why we work hard to protect our site. Merry Christmas everyone....
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Ernie Swanson

Personally I spend almost 6 hours each day on the Internet, not as a job but more as a hobby. I check into knifedogs alot I would say I am at this site at least a total of 2 hours a day off and on.
This is one of the best forums I visit when it come to people helping people.
There is not a lot of bad talk toward others like I see on other forums.

As for the "G" rating, that is almost a thing of the past everywhere on the net and there are very few places on can go and enjoy with out constant bashing, porn, and arguing.

I am starting to teach my oldest daughter about computers and the Internet, this is the one place I teach her about how discussion boards work. I know it is safe for her to open any page she wants without me standing over her shoulder to make sure there is not any explicit material.

A big thanks to all the Moderators, Admin, and BossDog for making this site possible!