Model 11 Special price

Les Voorhies

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This knife was made for a customer overseas and he had a hard time operating the flipper and I made the blade a little longer than he wanted it, so I made a new one for him and I have this one available. It's a model 11 frame lock, it has 1/8" titanium frame, ti back spacer, ti pocket clip set up for tip up carry. The blade is 1/8" thick S30V, 3-3/8" long, overall it's 7-3/4" and closed it's 4-1/4". The handle, blade and clip have a blasted and tumbled finish and it has a hardened 3/16" precision pivot with IKBS. The action is stout but is not overly so, this will make a very nice every day carry. The retail price on this knife is $475 but I'm offering for $375 + shipping. I don't normally lower the prices of my knives but since this is an odd-ball and our finances are a little tight right now I'm going to do it with this one. This is not a "second", it's new and is covered by my usual warranty.

Thanks for looking.