Missouri Oak knife scales.


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I just found a box with about 50 sets of Missouri Oak knife scales. Nice wood...but I will never use all 50 sets. If someone would like a set or two, let me know. They are yours. I will pay postage to send (cheapest way possible :) ). Enjoy...

Wayne Bensinger

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I would like to try a set, I have a few hunters coming up that might look great with these scales, if you have any remaining I will send you my address in a private message, thanks so much. Merry Christmas!



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You are so kind! Long one(s) please

Laurence Segal
1223 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1540
Santa Monica, Ca 90403-1540

Thank you and a happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours!


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I am going to put 12/28/2014 @ 12:01 am EST as the cut off date. Scales will go out Jan.2,2014. You all make something prudy :happy:
Caught some kind of flue a couple of days ago- feeling rotten, had to drive an hour to a Home Inspection (my job). Then got lost- thanks Google for adding a half hour to my trip. Made it through- got home about 7:30 feeling terrible. My wife said "there's a package for you on the table for you". I said must be a scam cuz I haven't ordered anything that I haven't received yet. I opened it up and found two sets of Missouri Oak scales! I had forgotten about those. Thanks, Teddy- that was the high point of my day. I haven't made a full tang knife yet- guess maybe that will be my next project.
Thanks again.


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Teddy! You are a Real Mentsh! I had forgotten about these and they arrived today! Excellently cut, book matched scales of Oak!

Thank you kindly!



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well what a happy surprise today. went to the mail box and had a package from Ted. nice looking scales. guess i get to play in the shop this weekend.... as if i needed a reason :)

thanks again Ted