Mirror Polished Blades?

Discussion in 'Knife Maker Shop Talk' started by Mconner, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Mconner

    Mconner Well-Known Member

    Do you guys price your knives with mirror polished any differently that a blade with a satin or bead blasted finish? I've been finishing up a knife for a customer and have spent way too much time getting the mirror polish just perfect. It's been a while since I've done a mirror polished blade and I guess I'd forgotten just how much work it is.

  2. kungfumo

    kungfumo Active Member

    I do, as you usualy have to spend allot more time on them time=money and > time= < happy wife:)
  3. It does not take a lot of time if your technique is right to put a mirror finish on a blade.

    If anything I think that a hand rubbed finish should be priced higher than a mirror finish because hand rubbed is all hand work.


    HELLGAP Dealer - Purveyor

    George you have a very valid point ive been making razors and its all hand work and takes a long time to do I would have to say hand rubbed would be more money. kellyw
  5. Mconner

    Mconner Well-Known Member

    Well then I guess my technique isn't quite right. :biggrin:
    On a hollow ground blade it takes me way to long to get the hollow scratch free as I do everything above 220 by hand.

  6. kungfumo

    kungfumo Active Member

    Maybe I'm missing something? but how are you getting a polished finish without first hand rubbing out all of the scratches then polishing? I really dont like polishing just for the fact that I can see scratches and it bugs the crap out of me:)
  7. Before heat treating I remove all deep scratches then after heat treat I belt the knife with a 400 cork belt coated with green stainless steel cut and colour compound then buff.

    It is amazing how many scratches the 400 cork belt will remove but you will have to stay with it until you cannot see any more scratches before going to the buffing wheel. Buffing should take no more than 5 or 6 minutes per side.

  8. kungfumo

    kungfumo Active Member

    makes sence, I have always took the knife to 400 on the belt and then handsanded until it was cleaned up and polished. I will have to try to find a 6x48 cork belt:) lol switching to a 2x72 in a short while.
  9. Cliff Fendley

    Cliff Fendley Well-Known Member

    Just keep going to the finer grits just like hand sanding but on the grinder.
  10. ERIK

    ERIK Member

    trugrit has a 6X48 cork belt but only in 800 grit.
  11. rob45

    rob45 Well-Known Member

    What Cliff said in post #9.

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