Mini Frame Back (Straight Razor) and WIP


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I wanted to test the niolox (stainless steel with niobium) to make straight razor and i had only 3.2 steel bar.
I choosed to make a modern frame back :D to test.

I brocke the blade during the quench but as i don't intend to waste steel, i did something a bit shorter. 4 cm sharp, the shaving is OK and that is great to shave other part than the beard :D

And the work in progress :)


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The Rhino : A 8/8 straight razor with spyderhole

It's a prototype i wanted to do since some time. A big 8/8 in c130 with spyderhole (licenced by spyderco.) As benchmade has shown a prototype of straight during the last year, and because i have the licence, i wanted to make a straight razor for the spyderfan with beard :D

The spyderhole is for "one hand opening" but the index and thumb can be place in the hole during the shaving and that is not bad at all. (that was the aim).

It's almost a wedge, with a 300mm wheel grind, water and oil hardening, 2 tempering to 170°c during 45mn.
9 cm sharp, toxic green g10 and carbon fiber for the spacer. The scale are screwed in order to permit a full cleaning.
17.5 cm long, closed, 5mm steel thick, 6-7 mm thick with the scale, home made bronze phosphore washer.

I intend to try a bit shorter version with niolox blade.

The small horn to the nose is for shave under the nostril :). Why rhino, because of the two horn of the nose and the big size of the blade :D