Meteorite damascus hunter with green mammoth ivory

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Heres one I just finished up and wanted to share. Its some of Randy Jr's Galaxy pattern damascus with WWW pattern bolsters and green mammoth ivory handles.

Thanks for looking, comments and or critiques welcomed.


J. Doyle

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Nice knife Randy. It has the classic lines of a hunter, really cool blade steel, and killer damascus in that guard.

And as for that green mammoth, if you have more of should probably just sell it to me. :lol: :9:

Really nice work.


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Very cool steel , I saw a pattern very similar and the man called it texas whorl . I guess its really a wood grain pattern ! (Mokume).
Beautiful knife overall. I still have a billet of meteorite steel , Hmm what did you fold that with ??? 1095 . terrific work..... or were the bolsters meteorite ? bubba

HHH Knives

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Thanks gents!

BuBBa. This billet is a combination of 1095 and meteorite. And makes a very serviceable kitchen knife and or hunting knife!

Josh Dabney

Really like this one Randy !

Fantaistic material combination on a great design !

I like the sheath also and appreciate it's clean construction as well. I will however say that to my eye the "flavor" of the sheath is a bit off too my eye for a knife of this caliber. Maybe an exotic inlay or a cleaner sheath (less tooling) with a damascus accent similar to some of your killer jewelry pieces.

Beautiful craftsmanship as always from the Dynamic Duo... Randy & JR !

Thanks for posting I enjoyed checking it out !


johnny warner

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Very nice! I am curious as how the bolsters were attached to the blade? Too beautiful of a knife to use, but I would any way!

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Thanks guys! This one is gona get alot of use. The new owner has 11 tags to fill this year, and may get a couple more stull. :) Im gona update the thread with final images and will share any pictures and emails I get from him.




Another great one Randy- that green mammoth and the meteorite damascus is over the top- thanks for posting.

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Thanks man! Its my pleasure sharing the images. On another forum There were comments made that it would of looked better without all the small pins. and possibly I make my knives look too busy. I appreciate honesty and respect people saying what they really think.

For me, the best part of this knife is that he will use it! I'm sure it will serve him well in the field. :) Its awesome that he wanted such a beautiful and unique hunting knife to carry and use. Makes my day!

Thanks again to all for checking out the tread. and posting etc!

Steven Long

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WOW! That is beautiful! I think you nailed it and the pins are perfect. Not too "busy" at all in my opinion.

Great craftsmanship and I would be proud to carry that knife out in the field. Can't wait to see it in action!

Diamond G Knives

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Very Nice Randy!

Randy JR just keeps hitting home runs!!! And the green mammoth is beautiful!

Im really liking the bolster on this one! Are doing them with hidden pins?

God Bless


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Cool Randy!
Looks like it wants to go on a hunting trip!
I really like the design & pattern of the Damascus Steel & Guard. Great work with the Green Mammoth.

Keep your nose to that grind stone.


Keith Willis

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Very nice Randy,and RJ..I at first thought the same with the pins,but when you look at it as many times as I have...It starts to grow on ya
I think it looks great!

God bless

Calvin Robinson

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Randy,I think the knife is AWSOME! There is a lot going on there or busy would be another way to put it BUT, busy in a good way,it all works together to make this one AWSOME knife. And don't you dare stop using those small pins, that is your trademark in your designs. Please keep doing this AWSOME work and please keep sharing it with us.

HHH Knives

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Thanks guys, Its always nice to hear and to get your opinions, good or bad. I dont expect every knife to be for every body. Im a "Custom maker" and although the knife designs and style are all my own, I do work with my customers on the materials and patterns etc. so some designs are not meant to appeal to everyone, more to only one! .

I believe after many, many years of knife making I think I have finally found my Nitch if you will. And that's pushing the bounderys of "TOO MUCH is JUST RIGHT".
I know some of the combinations of materials I use are diffrent or unique. and thats OK. I also know my order list is longer then my arm and growing! So it seems to me that whatever I am doing is WORKING!!! :D And I love working with and trying new and awesome combinations. and working with my clients to make their perfect knife a reality!

Sometimes I do stuff that is for BLING or to add flair to a piece. But in this case, adding the smaller pins was for assurance that this handle would NEVER come off or move when its being used and abused in the field! Not so much for the added BLING..

God Bless YA and thanks for checking out the post and sharing your thoughts!