Margarita Swayback Jack

Johnny Roberts

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ATS-34 blade (RC 59) and spring (RC 49) with stainless steel liners and pins. Beveled bolsters are satin finished.

The light green (margarita) colored scales rest on white liners. It has a pull of about 6 out of 10 and is flush at all 3 stops.

The Wharncliffe blade has turned out to be a favorite of mine. It is different than a trapper blade but very functional. This one is 3 ½ closed and 6 1/8 open. I included a shot of the inside of the liners prior to assembly because many times I find that people don't know what is meant by milled liners. Metal is removed (about .007") to create a space so the blade will not be scratched when it is closed. Liner material remains around the pin in order to create an area that functions similar to a washer or spacer. It is difficult and time consuming but I think it contributes to a quality product.

Comes with the pocket sheath shown for SOLD and I will send one of the Knives By Roberts T-shirts.

More picture here.

Please contact me and let me know you would like this one for yourself.

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