Making list of makers seeking knife related work..

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Knife Makers seeking commissions or custom work.

Midwest Knifemakers Supply, LLC is often asked by customers if we can provide custom services such as small runs of grinding blade blanks, creating knives from drawings, refurb or repair work or other knife related tasks. This kind of work is not at all our business model but trying to help a customer is. We are compiling a list of knife makers seeking or willing to take on custom jobs. We will offer this list to any customers seeking custom work and they can contact a maker they feel might be able to meet their needs. Please note we won't filter, screen or otherwise endorse any potential customer or knife maker. We will simply send this list of makers to these potential clients and leave the rest for you to work out. We will keep you on the list as long as you wish or as long as some one doesn't come back to us and give us a lot of bad news about their experience. It's pretty simple.

Keep in mind please that these individuals tend to have little experience in knife fabrication and certainly less in contracting custom services. They maybe surprised at your quote. This is a great time to help people understand the value and reasons for cost of custom work vs the cost of a million part run of stamped out parts in Asia. Some will get it, some won't.

There is room in a list like this for all levels of experience and skill sets. Pricing is entirely up to you and we are not asking for anything in return. It would be nice if you bought some supplies from us occasionally at but if you don't need any, that is fine too.

Fill this out and send it back to us. When we get a customer asking for a custom job, we will send them a short note with this list of makers explaining we can't do custom jobs of the type they are seeking and they might want to contact some one in the list and work something out.

Email the following information to
Tell us to add you to the knife maker list.

Knifemaker Name:
Address or location:
Contact information (phone, email, etc):
Web site:
Length of time or experience in Knife making:
Seeking type of knife jobs (ie, repair, refurb, full knife commissions, grinding, heat treat, any, etc):
Specialty (ie forging, folders, stock removal, etc):
Other comments that might be helpful:

Note, we currently have a short list of makers like this we send out to repair request customers. We will be merging that list with this one. If you are already on the other list, we will add you current information. If you want to update your information, send us that.

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Good news, Tracy! I have recently been contacted by a fella that needs a lockblade knife fixed. He needs a new blade installed. Anyone here interested? I would be glad to forward your email address to him.