making a leather burnishing wheel for a bench grinder

Mark Behnke

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The leather looks so much more professional with burnished edges but a pain to do by hand, you have a simple but effective tool I like the way you made the mount.
On my to do list

Bruce Bump

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This thread has given me Metal Lathe Envy
Cool WIP and what a good burnishing wheel! I,ve never thought of that before.

Von Gruff

I had the local engineer knurl a length of 1/2 steel and friction fit it to a length of hardwood and cut a burnishing groove in it for use in my drill press. It works very well and the long straight shaft allows me to rest my hand against it if need be but also is used in the burnishing process.

At the same time he made me a 2 inch mandrel for sanding the inside of the curve backed bolsters I do and contact glue the emery to
i bought one from Tandy, and installed a bolt for an arbor. I chuck it in my drillpress to use. Great for items like long straps and belts.