Make Do Knife Sanding Clamp


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Until I can get one of those fancy sanding knife clamps, this is what I have been using. A wooden screw clamp in my vise (the vise is only temporarily mounted right now).
When I need to sand the top and bottom of the blade I put the wood clamp flat on the vise and clamp it down with a steel c-clamp. So far it works good. What do you guys use?


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Scrap 2" tubing, 1/2" bolt and nut and cover plate to clamp it down. I've not made any but the ones I have seen weren't complicated at all. I'll be making a few here shortly if you guys want a few I can make extras.
This is my sanding set-up. The pointed end allows for support for a the blade but protection from stabbing myself on the point of the blade. I made the camp from a section of channel iron, and have another 20 or so that are for clamping the knife handles when they are epoxied on.

My knife press for doing handle work is a different set up alltogether and allows for turning to get to all parts of the handle and is what I think Vombrown is talking about


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guys I picked up some materials today to build a couple of the square style knife vises. I'll post some pictures as I go along. Shouldn't take long to do.