Machete Remodel

Church & Son

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An old customer, well, not that he’s old, just known him a long time…He sent me this machete
that needed some work…..The sheath was falling apart and it had a plastic handle…
This is not a cheap wallyworld knife, it’s a Collins and Co. made in Guatemala for
about a 140 years…Blade is 3/16″ x 2″ x 22″…Overall is 27″…Formidable slicer…

His only request was a new handle of natural material and he wanted an
American Indian feel to the package…Great customer, gives me room…

I tore off the plastic handle and used a couple pieces of spalted lightning killed
Maple stump…It is ALIVE!!…

The sheath had a beautiful carved base after I got all the rotted S. American
hoofrahs off of it…Added a new belt loop, some brain-tanned with a little beading
and a bunch of fringe to offset the length of the sheath…

As far as being Period Correct, would not bet on it…but…it sure is different….



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Randy as usual a GREAT job. I would build my lake home out of the material you used in the handle. I really like it . KT


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Many are so surprised when I say Yes! Collins has made great machetes in the little country of Guatemala for a long time!

Great job on the handle and I really like the bead work & leather.


kevin - the professor

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Randy, it looks great. I do have one question, though. If it is for use, which I bet it is, make sure that the ridges on the handle don't cause hot spots on the hand. It looks like it may have some corners that will rub. I think it looks great, just trying to help before you send it away if I can.