Les George

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It only took 8 pounds of titanium to make this 9 oz handle. :)

I didnt have any 2 inch wide titanium, so I have to make it out of 2 pieces of 1 inch Ti and dovetail the sides together. The tang wedges in and locks it all in place. Made the blade an inch longer than the originals because I wasnt gonna cut an inch off and toss it.

the sheath is made out of G10

New and old, I couldnt resist

Thanks for looking! :)

Denny Eller

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Hey Les, that is one fine looking trench knife! I really like how you dovetailed the pieces together and the blade grind is outstanding. Is that a Winchester or Ithaca riot gun? Hope you and Bianca and the pups are doing well. And congratulations on your numerous collaborations with production companies. Semper Fi

Les George

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That's a Winchester 97. I'm pretty fond of the 1897 shotguns. My great grandfather's 1897 was the first gun I ever fired.

Ya learn to keep your thumb down, fast!

Steven Janik

Ok Les, that's not even fair.
Unbelievable workmanship creates beautiful simplicity.

Merry Christmas to you and the lovely Miss Bianca.