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Hi all,

I'm trying to make a small gas forge out an empty air-compressor tank. At the moment I'm not able to find any tutorial on how to make the head for the gas burner. I want to connect it to a regulator and onto an LPG tank.

If anyone has got any info/ tutorial on how to make the gas torch head, it would be much appreciated.



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I would recomend a zoeller burner or something of the like depending on the size of the tank, and allot of what you do is specific to your needs, there are some around like this one and there are some on here that I don't have bookmarked. Mainly what you need are to get the specific requirements of your own personal forge and then design around that. I'm working mine out of an 11 gallon air tank, using 2 layers of blanketing insulation combined with a casted lining, which should theoretically give me a very lightweight, durable and efficient forge. Its based around my own needs and desires though, and a thorough amount of research. You'll probably get some more help from someone else, but try to post some more specifics about what you actually want out of it so the suggestions can be tailored toward that end.

T. Hunter King

john smith

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I made my forge using the nozzle setup that T. Hunter listed above from Zoeller forege.
The side arm burner does a real nice job for heating.
My forge is listed in a couple of threads.
What ever you design do not have the nozzle flame blow down on your knife steel,
come in at a tangent or secant to create the swirling effect you need.


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THanks for the replies.

I did a further search in google and I saw the "ventury burner" coming up few times. Is this a popular type of burner? I wonder if there is any plan of this burner outthere somewhere.

I just wnat to make a small one which does not consume too much gas - I will only be using it to flatten a small D2 rod.