looking for a knew forge


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I'm afraid you would be hard pressed to even build your own for that price, particularly if you include the required regulator. I am not aware of any commercial forges that cheap that I would say are ready to use safely and effectively out of the box either (note that most of the cheap ones in the under $200 range are at best single burner, typically don't have coated refractory liners, and don't have doors).


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Well I guess I was wrong. Best jump on this one quickly: https://www.facebook.com/groups/390...33278/?sale_post_id=2148971805233278&sfnsn=mo . It isn't mine, and I don't have any connection with the seller, but from the photos and description it should be effective with a new coating of Kastolite as an inner liner. Can't really see the burner, and you probably will still need a regulator, but with a small amount of work (replace burner if needed and update lining) this might be an attractive option.


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Please..... if you even consider buying that forge, just light your money on fire and use it.... that would likely work better.

I gotta be straight up, you simply are not going to get any type of usable forge for that kind of money ($100), whether it's buy or build. If you're going to be a Bladesmith/Knifemaker, you have to realize/understand that there is going to be monetary output in order to get the tools and supplies needed. Save your money up, and buy GOOD tools to begin with..... Two reasons..... 1. You only have to buy them once, rather then spending money time and time again on the same item(s). 2. If you buy a hunk of junk that is poorly designed and built, in any tool, it's only going to hinder your efforts.

The example I always throw out is grinders..... people want a "beginner" machine, thinking it's cheaper to "learn on", and then when it disappoints, the buy something else that is a tad more money, get disappointed with it, buy another, and so on.... until they finally decide to buy one the "top end" 2 x 72" grinders, and along the way, they've already wasted enough money on junk grinders, to have purchased 2-3 "top end" ones!

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Wayne is a good man to work with. I have looked up some of the other suppliers that I've known of but they seem not to list forges or maybe are even out of business.

I looked at USA Knifemaker supply and they have an asperated mini fore for about $400. You can get some plans and build one for less.

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