Lone Star Knife Expo report


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Thanks to all of you who came out to the show. The show turned out reasonably well. We had about 40 knifemakers with tables, and a couple of supply guys. Most of us sold one or two, and a few did really well. The crowds weren't thick, but there were people buying. Troy Hawley, Steve Woods, and Jerry Moen did well, as did Ron Richerson's supply tables. Tim "Chops" Lambkin got the award for Best Fixed Blade and Best Tactical. Ronnie Packard won Best Folder. My frame handle dagger won Best of Show. We also had a board meeting of the Texas Knifemakers' Guild and made good progress. Membership informaton will be coming out soon.

Next year the show will be April 9-10, not the week after Blade Show, so we should have a better turnout of table holders and suppliers. Mark your calendars now, as there is no better opportunity to spend a weekend with other knifemakers, hand pick your supplies, and sell some knives.

The board had a meeting on Saturday after the show. We elected officers to fill two vacancies. The current officers are : President- Jason Fry; Vice President- Ronnie Packard; Treasurer: David Bryson; Secretary- James Huse. We also set dues at $35, and appointed myself and Travis Payne to clarify the membership criteria and benefits and begin a membership drive. More information is coming as soon as Travis and I get the work done. Speaking of getting work done, by the time the show ended Sunday, Rusty Bryson (David's wife) had already filed the state non-profit paperwork and was well on the way to finishing the IRS 501c3 paperwork.

Look for information soon regarding membership. Keep an eye on the Facebook group, but I'll try and remember to post it here as well.



Jason, it was good to see you again. That little dagger was really spectacular. I thought the show turnout seemed pretty good. I actually thought there was enough of a crowd that the table spacing could have been pushed out some as it was a little tight. Looking forward to next years show in April; I will make every effort to have a table. I'm glad to hear about the renewed momentum with the guild. If there's anything I can do, let me know.



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Good to see you and your wife as well, and the Ladysmith knife was an unexpected treat. We might could have spread out a little bit more, alright, but next time we'll have the other side filled with tables as well :)