Liner Lock with Redwood Burl


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I haven't posted anything in awhile, so I thought I'd share a folder that I just completed. This knife is going to my brother-in-law as a Christmas from my sister. In general I like how the knife turned out overall. I had some difficulty with the redwood burl chipping out for some reason and ended up with a small gap between the bolster and wood on one side. The gap torques me more than the chipping. Here are the specifics on the knife and as always comments and critiques are welcomed. The overall length of the knife when opened is approximately 8 3/4", closed is approximately 5", with a cutting edge is 3 1/2". Alabama buckshot damascus for the blade and their random pattern for the bolsters. I added file work to the blade and liners.

IMG_2216 (Edited).JPGIMG_2217 (Edited).JPGIMG_2218 (Edited).JPGIMG_2219 (Edited).JPGIMG_2221.JPGIMG_2222 (Edited).JPG

Von Gruff

Superb in many ways from design to finish. What so many get wrong with a folder or pocket knife as they used to be called is the ability to have it in your pocket without it wearing holes in the pocket because of sharp corners or the bade shoulders etc but this one could be carried for the life of the trousers without wear simply because of the excellent design. I know it has the pocket clip but I love the very thought of carrying that one in the conventional manner. Blade shape is perfect for what pocket knives were and have always been for and the visual will always be a delight.


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Beautiful knife! Working with burl can be a little frustrating. Even the stabilized burl wood can be prone to chipping and will also move with moisture changes creating gaps. It's worth it in the end though if you can power through.