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Bone Arrowhead Adam

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I'm going to be purchasing a grinder next spring and was curious what the collective wisdom of the KnifeDogs community is on what to purchase. I'd love to see some picturesas well if you got them! Thanks in advance!


I started with a Pheer basic grinder. It has served me well for about 3 years. I'm nearly ready to buy my next grinder also. More than likely next month. I have tried all the major brands at ABS classes, hammer-ins, and at other knifemakers shops. I am getting a Wilmont TAG101 with a 2hp VFD controlled motor. It is a solid heavy grinder that is designed well. It can be flipped to give you better control while profiling a knife. It has a good tracking system and great tool rest attachment. Most important to my is the the tool bars are the same size as the KMG, giving me the option to use one of the largest fields of after market accessories available. My first accessory will be a rotary platen. After talking with Chis the owner and witnessing how he treats his clientele I feel his approach to customer service is exceptional.

Here's a photo off his website:

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Hope this helps!

Ps: I don't work for him.

Justin Presson

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Here is my Wilmont LB1000, I almost have it set up how I want it, I built a new work rest but it needs a few tweaks but I love the grinder so far. I have only had it for a little bit so still learning what it can do. I will be getting a small wheel attachment at some point.



Bone Arrowhead Adam

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Thanks for the comments guys! I'm used to a Baldor 1250 with a contact wheel and spindle but it's all freehand. Interested in some of these models posted. Thanks again!


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I have third one down, But you can get the cast model which they didn't have when I bought my years ago.

This machine is so smooth with exceptional tracking. The only draw back I have with the system is that the small wheel adaptor suspends the belt at to much of a right angle and I have to use a wheel smaller than I want and then enlarge it to what I want.

My next will be one of the Tag 101 or a TW-90.


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I started off with plans purchased from Boss for a NWG. Once I got the plans, I read through them and then went to see a friend of mine who owns a machine shop and agreed to help me build it. While enjoying a few adult beverages, he informed me "we ain't gonna do it that way". I said ok and we were off to the races. Mind you, I trust this guys expertise 100% so if he said he wanted to change something, I went with his suggestions. I got materials ordered and parts, which were all purchased new. Here is what we ended up with, Big Red.

The last picture shows my flat platen tool arm, and slack belt attachment and work rest. Not picture is my small wheel holder tool arm I got from Boss. All of my knives are now made on this machine. And, it's a beast. It has a 1.5 hp Leeson motor and four speeds on the step pulleys. The two biggest modifications we made different than the plans are 1) It's welded. 2) We used some scrap tubing to space out the pillow block bearings to make the drive train more rigid.


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I just ordered an Esteem grinder. Should be here soon. I'll update when I get it!

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Bruce Bump

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This is my shop built one of a kind grinder. It is basically made for hollow grinding as it has no tables or attachments at all.
My friend Robin Severe gave me an old 24" idler wheel from a US military fighting machine. Its made of aluminum and was 3" wide. I had a machine shop cut it down to 2" wide and balanced. Rear idler wheel is 14", the 8" top adjuster wheel is from a Burr King. The motor is a DC 1 horse power and needed 7-1 ratio pulleys to slow down the surface feet per minute.
The pedestal has a hydraulic jack inside for adjustable height.


Jason Wernli

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Here is my custom built...
2HP w/ VFD, Height adjustable rolling stand (I work out of my garage and need to move it around..)

Hydraulic Spring, cup holder and beer tap handle are key elements...
- Jason
20140614_181723.jpg20140604_171307.jpgVertical Tool Rest.jpg


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Here is my KMG grinder.

Sorry, can't post image from tapatalk. Will post it later.

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knife grinder.jpgknife grinder1.jpg
Here is my home built grinder I made from plans I got at Shank Knives. In the pic it was 120 volt, switched it over to 220 when the lights dimmed every time I started it. LOL!
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Great looking grinders all- seems we love our 'shop built' grinders, so here is my bench-top 132" grinder I built which is based on a direct drive 2-wheel grinder made by other maker. Added the 4' riser and idler so will fit in space. Also built a 3X19" platen with a hardened .250 D2 contact plate built into it, allowing clean up and polishing of large rusty blanks if needed. Motor is Baldor 2hp DC.


Rudy Joly

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The BaderII has been my primary grinder for many moons and still kicking. It's a bit tedious switching all the do-dads so I made my own dedicated hollow grinder to save me some time. I only use the small wheel and flat platen on the Bader now.

The 1x42 is used almost exclusively for final edges. I can't believe this thing still runs after 20+ years, good little machine.

Then of course there's the red headed step child Grizzly, I only did two knives on it. I didn't like it and needed more room anyway so it's on a time-out for misbehaving. It's been sitting on that shelf for about 8 years, I'm thinking surface grinder on this one.

You'll notice that I'm kind of a neat freak. Like mommy said, "A place for everything....and everything in it's place". I know where everything is at all times.....really ! I'm really diggin your machine Bruce.



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I just got all the boxes delivered for my Esteem today! I'll be working on assembly tonight and tomorrow, then I'll add some pics