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Today is a day to remember sacrifices made, friends and family lost, but most assuredly a future to enjoy. Please, let us all tell our families and friends how much we love and cherish them.

Thanks to all my forum family here at KnifeDogs, you're all great!


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I was watching the clips this morning and it just makes me mad all over again. I still wonder how you can watch those clips and think that we are mistreating these guys that have been captured. Oh, and you do not want me to tell you what I think should be done to them. Anyway as of today I have one son and one daughter over there. So I think about it often.

I'm with ya Wade. My boy is in Afgani-world right now too. Every day I wish I was right beside him. 2guns
We lived north of NYC on 9-11. Lost two buddies, my daughter's teacher. Where the first jet hit, I had sat in that conference room several times. Our town shut down, blocked off the schools, had F-16 flying at low level all day. Shock-Dismay-Anger. Still pissed and we got work to finish. No apologies from this SOB.
Every year I remember what has become to me the most poignant reminder of what it meant to be a hero there. There was a live TV shot looking down one of the streets as that huge,roiling cloud of powdered concrete rushed behind the panicked citizens as they attempted to flee.
The camera focused on this one lone guy in a suit, doctor's bag in hand, jacket flapping, running INTO the cloud.
Every year on this day, I think of that brave mofo and say a little prayer hoping he is doing okay.
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Please note that the buildings destroyed are still holes in the ground. One of my friends is a site manager for the construction. The politicians and other scum have hijacked this project. It is now called "World Trade Center 1". It was named "Freedom Tower", but that was considered offensive. They are still fighting about the memorial.

I hope they all roast in hell for disgracing the memory of so many heroes.