Leaving for the Mayo Clinic in the morning


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Cindy and I will be flying out of Great Falls in the morning at 6am, (Tue, June 11th) for the Mayo Clinic in Minn. Hopefully those folks can put a finger on my problem(s), and FIX ME. :)

This trip is for 3 days......first appt is on Wed with Hemotology, and tentative appts with Oncology and Pulmonology, dependent on what the hemetology visit results are. Please keep us in your prayers.

Church & Son

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Best to ya Mr. Caffrey....
My lovely bride has Lymes but it took 2 years of checking everything else before they got around to that...
It can't be fixed but at least you know what you are fighting....


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Good look Mr. Caffrey,
I have a first cousin that finally got some relief when he went there.
Good people he says, really try hard.
My Best,


"The Montana Bladesmith"
We made it back to Montana yesterday afternoon. Now it's waiting for results of the Mayo visit. The Mayo Doc that I saw said she would contact me on or about the 25th with test results and her recommendations. Said there's also the possibility that I might have to return to the Mayo for more "testing". I don't care, if they can figure this thing out and fix me, I'll crawl there!

Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers!

Travis Fry

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We missed you at the Alberta hammer-in, but you were definitley where you needed to be. That's two events now where we've missed each other; I hope you can get this licked so we can finally hang out.

Good luck, and God bless.


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wow ed i was in great falls 4 times this month i should of looked u up hope your feeling better hope the doc find and fix you i was picking up some equ. for work tractors from RDO rentals there in great falls off of tenth street . hope all is well.


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Ed , I pray that you are feeling better ! My wife and I will say some prayers for you . God Bless Bubba