Leather Splitting Machine


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I was thinking about purchasing a leather splitting machine . Im not really looking for the super high dollar ones. I make about 25 or 30 knives a year . Everyone I make , I make a sheath for them.

Im thinking about getting a little more creative with my sheath making. I have some ideas and I thought that a leather splitting machine would be a cool tool to add to my shop.

Any suggestions ?


Paul Long

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Well, the unfortunate part is that none of the splitters are really very inexpensive. I have had zero luck with the pull through splitters as far as consistency of split is concerned, and on top of that they are really pretty pricey for what you get and what they deliver. The hand crank Landis model 30 (if you can even find one in decent condition) will probably cost you from $700 to $900, but they do work well and do an excellent job with consistent splits. I sold my 9 year old Landis 30 in excellent+ condition for $900 when I took delivery on my Cobra 14 14" powered splitter. It is the very best shop splitter I have ever seen and/or used, but it's about $2300. I use mine every day so that's not too much of a big deal.

The truth is, if you want reliable splits without lot of wasted chewed up leather stay with the hand crank or powered roller type equipment, and the further truth is that will cost some fairly big bucks.

Good luck on your quest, and if I can be of further help, please feel free to contact me.