Lathes and mills


Ive wanted a lathe and mill forever, to bring my blades to the next level.
I also work on guns... So ive looked at those two in one combo machines that are also said to be good for gun parts.
Most are saying that the cmbo machines arent accurate, which kind of makes sense.

Blades are my priority so... What do you guys use/reccomend for a mill and a lathe that is fairly accurate and wont break the bank?
Ideally a mill around $1000 would be perfect. But I have a feelng such a beast doesnt exist.

Also these "less than accurate" machines... Is there some reason they cant be accurized?
If its a matter of lighter parts creating too much flex... Why not just beef up the parts that need it?

Just wondering... Because people talk as if its garbage just because it isnt perfect out of the box.