latest Tactical going to a young man getting back from Afghanistan


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This knife is made from o-1 tool steel it started as a 1/4" billet ,the blade is 6"- 5 1/2 cutting edge ,it has a top false edge except for the first 2" its sharp real sharp ,both edges are hollow ground ,i used OD green Gunkote ,and Bruse M"s carbon handles ,thanks Bruse. this is one of the sharpest knives i've made , This knife is going to the man who bought my last bowie for his sisters kid who gets back from Afghanistan next month or this month soon i need to get his name and rank etc... put on the knife but don't know how to get this done on the gunkote yet. and i think i'll get a spec.op sheath for it .







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Looks good, Clint! Unless he is getting out, you may want to just include his name and branch of service. He may be aspiring to a higher rank!


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Clint, that looks amazing! What do you do to prep your blade for GunKote?

just sand to 120 grit ,acetone the whole knife,heat to 100 der. paint one layer dry with hair dryer,then another layer,heat with dryer then last cote ,dry with dryer then in oven at 350 der. for one hour let cool wala done.then sand off any spots you want to glue to .i tape the handle where all the holes are then it makes it less to sand off

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CF, red liner, dropped finger guard...

...Coye Knives Approved!


p.s. sorry about the pinned 10 round mag


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That is a very good looking knife. I would want to find myself on the pointy end of that thing. I like the way you contoured the carbon fiber scales, should make for a good grip and the red spacers are a nice touch. The Gunkote is cool too. Way to go man!


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When all the bullets have been shot and the enemy is closing in......that baby will be your best friend. I wouldn't even need enemy closing in for it to be my best friend. That is a really good looking knife Clint!!