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I found a dog that had been left behind by some people that moved out of a rental house near me. They moved out last Thursday and I found him Saturday, almost dead. They left him chained outside with no food and his water dish was frozen solid.
That brings our total of rescues to 4 dogs and 4 goats, all abandoned pets. I am running out of room.
Well, here is Dinky, the newest member of our family.



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Glad you found Dinky and took him in! :running dog: Death to the former owners! :mad:


Dinky is exactly right cooter. Good on ya mate. The wold is full of people that shouldn't be allowed to have pets and they usually have a dozen kids to neglect! GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

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Somebody ought to chain those people outside without any food or water for 4 days. Then shoot 'em. But I don't mean to sugar coat it. You're a good man, Mike and Dinky ought to make a good little pet.
I'd pay good money to see the former owners tied to a stake overnight with a frozen bowl of water to drink. Any chance you know their names? I'm sure some would love to do a bit of internet sleuthing so we can send some hate their way.


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I was a state certified Animal Control Officer for 14 years, and I've seen many bad situations concerning both domestic and wild animals. If more people "jumped in" and assisted animals the way you do, it would have made things alot better. Unfortunately, most people either do nothing, or they call Animal Control,,,then when they call two or three weeks later to see what became of the animal, they would get angry with us if the animal didn't get adopted and had to be euthanized, do to the lack of space. There is always a constant flow of new arrivals and room has to be made, and at most animal shelters they can't be kept indefinitely. Fortunately, nowadays, more people like you are volunteering to help by temporarily "housing" these animals, and assisting in finding them homes, and there is now a growing trend for more shelters to become "no kill" facilities. So, this being said; I commend you for your efforts!
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