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Cindy and I just returned from my most recent appointments in Seattle/University of Washington. Gotta praise God for a good report!!

My Chest CT scan shows no advancement of the scarring/damage in my lungs. The Lung Function test showed that my lung function has IMPROVED slightly....which the Docs say is pretty much unheard of for interstitial lung disease.

The Doctor believe that the benlysta infusions are starting to help. The biggest thing I'm dealing with right now is the Lupus caused pain.... very unpredictable, from when it's going to hit me, to how much and how long it keeps me grounded/on the couch.

It was kinda funny..... the Doctors I see in Seattle are both knife guys, and know who I am/what I do...... the very first thing when each cam in the room was "Your hands!! You've been working in the shop!" :) (the medical world calls it "mechanic's hands") Both the Pulmonary and Rheumatology Doctors made a really big deal outta me working again...... still not where I wanna be, but I doubt I ever will be, so I'll take what I can get, and thank the Lord for his blessings that allow me to do what I am.

Not sure if it will ever happen, but I really want to get back to being well enough that I can teach classes again.

On another note, Cindy and I booked our plane tickets for the Blade Show! So now it's real! :) So, Ed has gotta get himself in gear, and get some knives done for the show!! WOOT!!

On that note...... would anyone be interested in billets/bars of my fossil damascus?? I have about 1/2 dozen billets that I am in the process of surface grinding, and to be completely honest, I need to make some money to pay for the trip to Atlanta. This thing of not being very productive for the past year+ has really put a squeeze on knife funds! :)

Randy Lucius

Awesome news! I would be more than happy to purchase a billet to help fund the trip. Let us know what you have.


"The Montana Bladesmith"
I'll get the billets surface ground, etched, and measured, and will get all the particulars up within the next day or two. To stay with the forum rules, I'll post them in the for sale area, and put a link to it here.
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Bill Hubbell

Such a blessing to hear your good report, Ed! And what are the odds of those two docs being knife guys? -sounds like another God-thing’! God bless you and Cindy. My wife and I will keep you and your journey in our prayers!


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Hi Ed from Captgreg keep up the good spirits and hang in there also I know all about the being on the couch I mysel had a stool collapse when I went to sit and I wound up in a wheelchair for almost 3 years.
The Doctor told me to get rid of all my toys which means no hunting on Atv’s bouncing around no fishing in my Backcountry boat and everything else pertaining to strenuous activities.
Now I make a few knives to keep me busy and give me something to preoccupy the mind so don’t give up on building your knives because from what I hear you are one of the best.
Sincerely Captgreg.


"The Montana Bladesmith"
Well, posting those damscus billets will be a bit longer. Cindy and I both ended up with the flu, assuming from our trip to Seattle, and I landed in the hospital yesterday from it/my suppressed immune system. Doctors don’t know what to do right now. They don’t want me going home and ending up back here (hospital) .


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When it rains it pours.
Do what you have to for sure.
I am on my back as well.
Not to compare or anything, but being hindered from stuff we want to, or need to do,,,,bites.
Good luck and heal.



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Dang, hope you feel better Ed, I caught some kind of flu bug three weeks ago and I'm still getting over it.
man, with your existing issues and a flu on top of that you must be going thru some kind of hell.