Latest Batch of EBKs ready for delivery! (Oct 15)

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  1. EdCaffreyMS

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    Latest batch of EBKs are now ready for delivery!

    This batch includes a total a 9 EBKs, with 5 of those being Damascus with exotic wood handles.

    For details you can visit the website page:
  2. Ed of all trades

    Ed of all trades Well-Known Member

    They look great, but what is an EBK? Ed
  3. EdCaffreyMS

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    Morning Ed!

    That name came about from others. The idea of the EBKs came after I achieved my Mastersmith rating. I wanted to produce a daily carry knife, that would be affordable. I'd noticed over the years that it seemed once individuals achieved their Mastersmith status, all of their knives became so expensive that only higher end collectors could afford them.

    Personally, I got where I am in knifemaking by way of making and selling $150-$300 hunters and utility knives...... so I wanted to make sure I kept some knives in that price range. Another thing that I wanted was to offer a knife that would be legal to carry anywhere.... so the standard blade length on the EBK knives is 2 3/4", with an overall length of just about 6 1/2". The biggest issue these days is that materials keep going up and up..... so its getting hard for me to keep these knives in the price range I'd like.

    Way back when I first created and started building these knives, I always carried one with me. Several people started referring to them as "Ed's Belt Knife", and when folks started calling, wanting one of "Ed's Belt Knives", it just didn't roll off the tounge well. :) So I went with "EBK" as the name for these knives. Initially the only version was the drop point, and after many requests, I added a wharncliff version. Later I added an couple of other versions. The one thing that all EBKs have in common are the carry system. Each comes with a kydex sheath/Tek-Lok that is intended to be worn horizontally on a belt.

    I always produce these knives in "batches"...... usually 8-12. Every now and then I get a "wild hair" and produce some higher end ones, such as I did with this batch...... damascus and exotic woods. :)

    What makes me smile is that when I first started producing them, I took a lot of guff from other knifemakers, wanting to know why in the world I would build a knife like that. If you look around today, most makers produce something similar. I had one maker at a show come up and show me a very similar knife, and told me it was his "ECRO"..... I asked what that meant. He smiled and said.... it's my "Ed Caffrey Rip Off"! :) If I'm building something that other makers feel is worthy of copying.... then I think I'm doin alright. :) I've never really thought much about what folks recognize me for, but I guess the EBKs would be as good an example as anything.
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  4. BrandantR

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    That's a beautiful batch of knives, Ed. Each one is a great as the next. It's fun to know the story behind the name too.
  5. Ed of all trades

    Ed of all trades Well-Known Member

    Ed Thanks you could have said Ed's belt knife and left it at that but your story blessed me and I hope I learned something from it. Follow your heart in the knives you build and it will likely work out. Thanks again Ed
  6. EdCaffreyMS

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    :) You're right, I could have just left it at that, but thats what happens when I'm sitting in the shop, waiting on blades to finish tempering..... and get to rambling. :)

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