Kydex sheath for my new bark river aurora LT.

Discussion in 'Knife Sheaths' started by Acvar, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Acvar

    Acvar New Member

    Hello people,

    I am new to the forum and I hope I'll remain long in this wonderful community you created. It is a pleasure for me to join such a great concentration of knife experts.

    I just bought my first Bark river, and I chose the aurora LT model in 3v with gold and blue elder burl handle.
    Now, I love the leather sheath the knife came with. But I also like making my own custom sheaths as I've always done in the past with my other knives. I was concerned about one thing and I'd like some experts to give me some advice about it.
    I am worried the elder burl can get consumed after a while with the retention caused by the kydex sheath, when the knife gets in and out. Should I be worried at all? Can I start making my sheath, or should I stick with the leather one? How hard is the elder burl? Does it have a good wear resistance? Moreover, should I also be concerned about the semistainless capabilities of the CPM 3V? If I use the knife for wet situations or cutting it through moist wood, should I always be careful that it stays dry like a carbon steel blade?
    Thanky you!
  2. Justin Presson

    Justin Presson Well-Known Member

    Hi Acvar, if you can post some pics that would help. Do you know if the wood is stabilized or anything?
  3. Acvar

    Acvar New Member

    Hi, thank you for your answer! I don't have the knife with me right now cause I am out of Italy. The pic attached is from the internet. Yes, the wood is stabilized. therefore very strong, I have read that every stabilized wood is more resistant than a normal wood, but still I am scared the retention of the kydex sheath is going to scratch it or even consume the stabilized wood with an extended use. Thank you!

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