KO or KF


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I think from reading about the KO its basically just the element difference hight temp. The walls seem the same as my KF


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I bought my KO18 with Tap controls about 6 months ago. I love the oven and it can be a rocket if you want the temp to climb fast.

When I bought it, I was told the the difference between the KO and KF was two things. One, the walls in the KO are a little thicker. I went and measured mine and they are 3” thick, maybe someone with the KF can chime in and let use know what thier’s is.

And two, the elements are better to be able to get to the higher temperature.

This is a major one time purchase and my recommendation is to get the best you can afford. Even if you only use the KO for lower temp blade steels , the better elements will last longer. And you will have the better oven to do higher temps should you ever want to.

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From looking at the specs it looks like the KO18 is: 9" Wide x 5.5" High x 18" Deep with .52 cu ft volume, while the KF18 is 10" Wide x 6.5" High x 18" Deep with .68 cu ft interior volume. The elements are the same wattage at 3120 watts. The smaller volume would allow the KO18 to heat up faster, and perhaps even to the 200⁰F higher temp rating.