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Videos rule....

Start a fresh thread here for each post on a knife related video. I think we can end up with the best assortment of knife videos on the net.

Videos must be embedded and not just linked. Links pull people away from a site. That would be dumb.

Posting an embedded video is easy. Just put the link the video host gives you and the forum does the rest.

Knife related may include knife reviews, knife tools, knife fabrication techniques, knife use, knife making, knife sharpening, etc.

Keep in mind in-appropriate videos will be deleted automatically. You need to check the video for language, nudity, violence or other inappropriate content for before you post it on I am not a prude about those things but this isn't going to be the place for that kind of content. We are not 'edgy'.

We will need a moderator for this forum. It will be obvious who the best choice will be for this in time. Moderators will be rewarded....

Not open for further replies.