Knife shaped steel. My first knife!

Discussion in 'Knife Dogs Main Forum' started by Gliden07, May 17, 2017.

  1. Gliden07

    Gliden07 Well-Known Member

    I was going to wait and get more work done on this First Project but what the heck! Its a small blade about 6" long made from 1/8"x 1"- 01 tool steel, Black Micarta scales. Since taking these pics I have done some more sanding, reshaped the front of the scales to match the plunge line and changed the pins over to 1/4" SS steel. I figure I'm about halfway done? Need to finish sand, blade, harden, temper etc... etc... ok 1/3 done!! I filed all this by hand and think I will make a file jig for my next project to help with the plunge. This has really been a lot of fun and I want to finish it but time is at a premium right now. Any comments from you guys in the know would be helpful. Thanks!!

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  2. Dennis Morland

    Dennis Morland KNIFE MAKER

    First welcome to KD. I always like seeing new guys and their first attempts. So keep posting up your progress. It looks like you are off to a very good start.

    Second, being your first knife, I am worried about your outcome. Reading your post, I think you may be mixing up some of the steps. You typed "Need to finish sand, blade, harden, temper etc... ". Don't follow these steps, in that order, you will be vastly disappointed.

    1. Pre-shape and initial bevel. It looks like this may be completed. You do not need to finish sand at this point. Just get it down to 150/220 grit, with no major scratches or flaws. Make sure all of your pin holes are completed while the steel is still in a softened state. Again, it looks like you may already be there.
    2. Heat treat (harden) - After this step your blade will be a mess. Blackened goo everywhere.
    3. Temper - Bring the knife back into a softer state. There is tons of information on heat treat/temper on the internet for o1 tool steel.
    4. Finish sand - Now you can get that blade looking it's very best.
    5. Complete the handle - And then get the handle looking it's very best.

    I simplified the process but you get the point. It is like a recipe, you need to complete it in a specific order . . .

    Good luck!

  3. Gliden07

    Gliden07 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the kind words and help! I'm getting close to the heat treat gonna use my torch with a Roseburg tip to heat it and I have an old toaster oven for the temper. I need to go down a couple grits to get to the 220. Can't wait to finish this one and start the next!!
  4. Dennis Morland

    Dennis Morland KNIFE MAKER

    Well I cannot help you with the O1. I have never used it before. But, on the steps necessary, I will do my best to assist.

    From your last post, "Can't wait to finish this one and start the next!!" . Relax, enjoy, learn and slow down.

    Do the best that you can on this one - before hopping into the next one. I struggle with this concept. I get about 1/2 done with a knife and I'm already thinking ahead to the next one, and the next one, and the next one. Or I see some new handle material and start thinking I could make a really cool knife out of that stuff.

    When I start thinking like this, I make mistakes. My mind wanders. I lose focus. You need to fight the urge to move forward at a rate faster than you can stay focused.

    Relax, enjoy, learn, slow down.

    Your project looks good so far. Keep posting pictures.

  5. Kevin Zito

    Kevin Zito KNIFE MAKER

    Listen to EVERYTHING DeMo says.... he is spot on.

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  6. Gliden07

    Gliden07 Well-Known Member

    Got all of the file marks out of the blade and sanded it down to 220. Next the heat treat! I have to do a little more research on this.
  7. Retroguy

    Retroguy Well-Known Member

    I'm following so keep the progress coming.
  8. Lagrange

    Lagrange Well-Known Member

    For your first knife I'd say you're off to a good start.
    I like to sand my blades to 600 grit before heat treat. It's a matter of preference I suppose, but 220 leaves some fairly deep scratches and they are harder to get out after heat treat than before.
    At any rate, keep up the good work and enjoy!
  9. CJKnives

    CJKnives Well-Known Member

    DeMo has given you sound advice all around. Heed his words and you'll do well.
    I also have to fight the urge to move on to other blades before I have the one I'm working on finished. In fact I don't do very good fighting the urge a lot of times. I've got at least a half dozen knives laying around my shop that I've started on and haven't finished. Every now and then I'll pick one of them up and finish it. But mostly they just lay around looking sad! [emoji51]
  10. Gliden07

    Gliden07 Well-Known Member

    20170615_104821.jpg 20170615_104821.jpg

    Hardening done!! In to the Temper!
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  11. Gliden07

    Gliden07 Well-Known Member

    Hardening setup. I drilled a small hole in rim of the paint can for a thermometer to slid in. Preheated oil to 140F, used a cheap pair of Harbor Frieght long nose locking pliers. Kept moving blade back and forth checking with magnet, went non magnetic held temp a couple minutes and into the Canola oil.
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  12. Gliden07

    Gliden07 Well-Known Member

    20170617_151558.jpg u

    Temper done. Have to let it cool and get to sanding on it!! Making progress slowly.
  13. Gliden07

    Gliden07 Well-Known Member

    I am waiting for my shipment of sandpaper to continue work on this blade. But it won't be long I hope. I have been going to lunch and working a half hour or so on my projects. Back to work and trying to get apartment painted. Very little hobby time right now so I have to be content with the 30 min at Lunch!
  14. Ty Adams

    Ty Adams KNIFE MAKER

    Looking good.
  15. Kevin Zito

    Kevin Zito KNIFE MAKER

    Man this is coming out nice!

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  16. Gliden07

    Gliden07 Well-Known Member


    Making progress first sanding after Temper. 220grit next stop 400. I've been working on this knife about 1/2 hour each day during my lunch hour. Taking some time but I'm rounding the corner!!
  17. Kevin Zito

    Kevin Zito KNIFE MAKER

    Looking good!

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  18. CJKnives

    CJKnives Well-Known Member

    Making good progress. Looking good!
  19. Gliden07

    Gliden07 Well-Known Member

    Finish sanded to 500 grit, glued up the roughed in Black Micarta Scales. Next sanding scales!! No pics this time but I will post some when I take the clamps off. Starting to really look like a knife!!
  20. WY_Not

    WY_Not Well-Known Member

    Looking good. Can't wait to see the finished knife. :thumbup1:

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