Knife polishing needed


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I have a hand made bowie style knife 13" total length that was either sharpened with a coarse tool or possibly not completely finished. I just want it polished so it looks good. Preferably someone in Central coast / southern California. Thanks


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"The Montana Bladesmith"
Whew! There would be a LOT of work involved to properly finish that blade/knife. I can't speak for everybody, but do know that most professional Bladesmith/Knifemakers are reluctant to work on any knife they did not produce, and consider work of this type as "repair" work.... and in my shop, repair work starts at $65 per hour plus materials. Based on what I can see from the pic, there's a least a day+ of work there if it's done correctly. I don't know what you paid, or what you value it at, but I suspect the repair costs might be more than the cost/value of the knife.