Knife making


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I want to start making knives. I want to forge as well as stock removing. Where should I start

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What part of the world are you from? You should try to find a local maker and see if they can give you a few pointers.


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You might want to start by taking your wallet out and dumping out all the cash. �� You should get use to it Being empty with your new hobby.

i would suggest you starting simple at first. There are lots of books and videos out to help you get started. Visiting a local maker is high on your tado list. It will shave a lot of time off your learning curve. Tools will depend on the type of knives you want to try your hand at.

Welcome to the pound.



Look at some of the Sugar Creek Forge YouTube video s. Then decide for yourself. The 2012 build along ones will be useful to you.

Welcome to the journey!