Knife maker vs. Dealer memberships

Mike Jones

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Hey Tracy, or any other mod who can answer this:

What's the difference between the knife maker and the dealer membership? Are there different privileges, or is it just a different title underneath the name? I'm planning on getting the knife maker one, because I make knives, but I was also wanting to sell wood on these forums (like I do on BFC) so if I got the knife maker membership, would it also include the ability to be a "dealer" of wood?

Thanks for any help,

Les George

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As I understand it, you should be able to get the knifemakers membership title and sell your wood at will.


Curtiss Knives

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Mike, your really not a dealer. You just sell some wood every now and then. Knifemaker for you. cool 1

Knife Crazied

So, I need to upgrade to dealer level then correct?