Knife #4 Scandi Bushcrafter


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I'm calling it a "BushPick". It's a skinny, straight backed knife inspired by the Woodlore pattern knives. I'm so stoked my scandi jig works as well as it does!

specs are:

1/8" O1
4" blade
9" OAL
brass hardware
Ironwood scales
white vulcanized liners

Thanks for looking! :biggrin:


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Very nice looking knife there. I like the shape of the handle. It looks like the jig works well. I may have to make up something like that.


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Really nice work!! The only critique I could give you is to move your palm swell to the middle of the handle in the future. Think about the shape of your hand as it holds the knife. If you hold you hand like you are gripping a knife, leaving space for an invisible knife, you will see that the swell is in the middle of the of your palm. You are moving in the right direction. Keep up the good work.