KITH official pictures thread


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Thanks Sean for riding ramrod over this. It's been fun. I just took a break from stitching the sheath up to check back. Glad to see the drawing was done when I got the Heinz commercial says...the anticipation is making me wait....:)

Brad Lilly

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I should apologise for not getting mine done. My knife just did not turn out the way I wanted and I would not feel right sending it out. Hopefully I can pull my socks up next year.

Great looking knives everybody, good job all around.


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DonL, pm me ur addy and ill get this bad boy in the mail to ya!!!

AW Stovall im reaaly excited about getting ur entry, great job!!



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I am ecstatic over my selection, Ausbrooks' Randal copy was one of my favorite submissions! Cant wait to get that bad boy!!

Thanks for this Sean, now I'm looking forward to next years already! :)


Thanks for running the show Sean. I'll have mine mailed to its recipient today. Just got the address.


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Well i finished in the nick of time. Something a little different. Stainless damascus (Damasteel)Neck scalpel.Dressed out in a kydex sheath. Heat treated buy Peters heat treat. I went ahead and put a convex edge on it being its pretty thin material. I am diggin this steel! Etched it with muratic acid. Thats some pretty nasty stuff but it worked like a charm.

Wait, no engraving on that one? LOL

Looking forward to checking out this blade. I DO love a nice necker!

Sean Cochran

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Im looking forward to getting my new knife, looks like I need a weekend hiking trip to try it out. :biggrin::rockon:
Thanks Brad


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Hey Brad, I was gonna submit something i engraved but finding out that my ovens temperature was off i just didnt have the confidence in the heat treat. You will love this little baby. Hard and sharp! I was lucky enough to get Cameron's submission. Hey Cameron i went back and red your post. I know you gave it your all buddy and i am pretty excited to get it. Thanks to everybody.


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:0 sweet this is the second kith for me in 1 months time and both have been a blast!!!!:p hope everyone else felt the same.


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Hey Dan, I hate to tell ya, but your knife will be delayed by a few days. Finished the sheath up this morning and I'm just not happy with the way it turned out, so I'm going to make another one. Not sure what I was trying for on this sheath, but it's not aesthetically pleasing to me and there's just too many little/big blurbs on it. Of course, this is par for the course on my sheath making! I'll have it out by the end of the week. Apologies again.



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DonL that sheath looks good. If you do make another send the guy both so he has a beater sheath for those rough trips.


I got my knife from Franklin and I am very pleased with it. It is actually in my back pocket at work right now. Really nice little knife. Thanks everyone.


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I received my knife from Greg Haile yesterday. To be honest, I'd never heard of Greg before this KITH. I must say, I've come to believe this man to be very modest. The knife he sent me is over the top!

It's 3/16 01 hollow ground with green micarta and black and white liners. What's more is that he tapered the tang. I've bought knives from some makers everyone would know and the knife Greg sent me is every bit as good as the knives from those makers and in some cases, better fit and finish. I'm very impressed! Can't wait to put it through some cutting test seeing how it's made from one of my favorite steels.

Here's a few pics...


Thanks again Greg for a great knife!

Oh, and by the way Greg, get well soon!! Don't know how you managed to need stitches in your hand, but I can guess!!

P.S. Dan, your knife with the new sheath is shipping today!
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