KITH Motor City Mike Hits It Out Of The Park


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I carry a lot of folders but they are going to see some down time since I received this.
Buttery smooth, impeccable finish and sharp as a razor and it comes with its own fleece lined case (not shown.)

I feel very fortunate to have this knife and my hat is off to Mike for his superb workmanship and craftsmanship.

Thank you Sir!



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Looks really good - what's the handle? I do l like the design. Good job!

This KITH has really been fun - thanks for doing all the work.


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Here are the spec's. If anyone hasn't seen the WIP thread, you really need to go back and review it. AMAZING>
3 7/16" Blade
8 3/8" OAL
S35vn Steel with satin flats
Titanium handle
Floating Zirconium back spacer
Hand sculpted Zirconium pocket clip with hidden screws
Caged ceramic bearings
Ceramic detent ball
Titanium screws