Kitchen Oven: New Tool for the Shop?


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I scan the Craigslist ads a lot. I'm always looking for a deal on stuff I like, and of course, stuff to get my knifemaking shop going again. One of the things I came across this morning was a nice Maytag kitchen stove with the flat top and all stainless, and I thought - why not have one in the shop? Think about it with me here for a second.

A full-sized electric stove with oven would be a complete tool for many shop needs. Here is just a few that I can think of...

First of all - and it goes without question - tempering. You could temper blades way up to and probably longer 24" if you had a kitchen stove in your shop. Clean and efficient - must be better than the toaster-oven that I used when I was making full time.

Parkerizing small parts on the cooktop - probably would be sufficient for a full-length Parkerizing tank.

Coatings. I like KG GunKote and other bake-able coatings on my guns and knives.

Pre-heating. There are many things that should take a little heat before you work on them, such as parts to be welded, etc.

I am sure that you guys can come up with other uses. A kitchen stove can be picked up through Craigslist fairly cheap. The one I saw on CL was fairly good clean condition and all they were asking was $150. I've spent $90 on a toaster oven before, that was substantially-less-than desirable. Another $60 for a unit that has so much more potential is not a long stretch by any means.

What do you guys think?


I think a Rival roasting oven is a better solution.(not a toaster oven) I use one for tempering and for baking gunkote finishes.

I am very limited on shop "real estate" so a roaster oven is easy to put under a bench and bring out as needed. I also like that it loads from the top where as with a conventional oven you have to slide things in and out. Finally, the cost is an advantage. You can buy a used roaster for $10 and a new one for $30. To clean you just lift out the enamel tub and scrub it in the sink.

This, coupled with a small hot plate will give you the same ability without taking up so much room.

Your idea is good in that we all know how much the wifey likes us using her oven for our projects!