Kingery 2020 KITH

FD Kingery

Got started and put the design down on paper for the KITH knife. I was looking through patterns and ideas and rediscovered one of my old House of Muzzle Loading catalogs, and I thought I would pay tribute to Bob and pattern this knife after one of his designs. So here is my take on a California Bowie. 2020 KITH design.jpg2020 KITH forged.jpg

FD Kingery

I was able to get a bit of grinding done before the wife came out with the pre-bbq honeydew list.
Edge bevels ground to set set the edge at about 1/16". Starting to establishing a flat.
Working the flats down the blade on both sides trying to keep things even and centered.IMG_6134.JPGIMG_6135.JPG
Working to the spine, I'll work the tip down once I get closer to the lines of the edgeIMG_6141.JPG
Finally to the spineIMG_6150.JPGIMG_6152.JPG
Ground through 40 and 60 grit. I'll take it at least to 150 before starting the file work. IMG_6156.JPGIMG_6157.JPG


Greg Rice

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Man that looks so good - I hope to be able to do that some day. Thank you for sharing the steps - cannot be too detailed nor too many pics!

FD Kingery

Normally I would forge the tang down, but this is what happens when you start forging before the design is complete, you get to cut it to shape. since I have enough length it really isn't an issue.IMG_6267.JPG
now for the frameIMG_6270.JPG
and then I remembered I have a Plasma Torch so I don't have to do this. IMG_6276.JPG