KG Gun Kote

I am ramping up to start adding Gun Kote to some of my knives (after a learning and testing phase) but I have two questions for those who use it.
1). How do you keep it off of the cutting edge during coating?
2). Since it is heat cured and single compound will it harden if left in the can in a hot shop?
Thanks in advance...Chris


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I apply/bake it on prior to assembly, then install the guard and handle. When the final product is sharpened, the sharpening takes it off the edge. It does have a shelf life.... that can be anywhere from as little as 6 months... to a year, depending on climate/environment. If you ever allow it to freeze (leaving the can in freezing weather in a shop) it's done. If using the liquid and an airbrush, when it goes "bad".... it won't apply'll appear like a bunch of tiny dots on a blade's surface.

The biggest key to it is the application....VERY sparingly. I generally use the satin clear liquid..... applied with a cheap Harbor Freight air brush. Just one or two VERY LIGHT passes per side is all that's needed.....if you apply it until you can see it (as you would "rattle can" paint), then you've applied too much..... acetone it off and try again. Otherwise it will come out looking like the blade has a plastic coating.

If you're intent is to use the "rattle can" version, I'd recommend against it..... the rattle cans apply way too heavy of a coat, usually producing drips and runs. I tried them early on, and until I went with the liquid version, applied with an airbrush, it was a train wreck.
I ordered the flat clear liquid so I will spray it lightly. I read some of Ed’s previous posts on how to apply it and lightly was stressed. I ordered their degreaser too. I will post some pictures this weekend when I test it out.
Update: As is normal Ed was right HF airbrush is the only way to go. I tried using a Preval sprayer because I had it lying around but even that sprayed too thick and looked like I laminated the blade like an ID card. Plus, in order to try and spray thin I had to hold the knife far away from the sprayer and I think some of the atomized liquid dried before it reached the blade looking like I sprayed it with dandruff. Got the airbrush and the first time I tried it bam 100% improvement so thanks to Ed.