Ken Hurst donates engraving job to KnifeDogs

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Ken Hurst is a master engraver and has graciously offered to engrave the limited edition Bark River up for raffle right now. You know we have a raffle/auction area right?

Winning this is would be like hitting a mini lottery. Seriously. Ken worked at the Custom Colt factory as a master engraver, taught engraving and has had 40 engravers working for him if that gives you an idea of his ability. (edited for accuracy)

Go a chance.

that is all.
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Thanks Mr. Tracy but the location is wrong. After leaving Colt custom shop as a master engraver, I sat an engraving business up in the Lynchburg, Va. area. After 10 years +/- I shut down. During this time, I trained & hired approx. 40 engravers. I also sat up and briefly ran the engraving course for N.C. state Comm. college in Montgomery cty (Troy, N.C.) before turning the position over to an apprentist. Anywayyy, I'm proud to be able to be of help & hope the work does justice to the knife.
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Ken just finished the engraving on my dagger. The quality is incredible! I hope to have him engrave my next piece.